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2013 WSOP Draft

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This was a great draft year, last year we had 8, and it was on another site... So since we booted the 2 scammers, and they stole all those monies in the process we stole the draft (I paid $6.5K for it right?) so here comes the 2nd Annual PFO WSOP Draft.

So let's get this draft started, minus having some skype issues, like you’d normally have, and a few peeps that can’t make it, only a few from last year remained... So we have 2 fresh faces, and 1 late draftee... Let's get this started!

Round 1:
Av8tion nominated Phil Helmuth, he went for 71 to Steve R.
Steve R. nominated Jason Mercier, he went for 45 to Pikachar
Machine nominated Jake Cody, he got him for 36
PLOL nominated Daniel Negranu, he went for 68 to Hotshott
Hotshott nominated Phil Ivey, he went for 80 to Av8tion
Pikachar nominated Erik Seidel, he got him for 26

Clearly this is a big round, with lots of points and lots of talent going off the boards as soon as humanly possible. Look, Helmuth, Mercier, Negranu, Ivey, all of them being top-top. So why were Cody and Seidel picked? Simple, Machine wanted his clone, and I wanted a closer. My synopsis is below on this one.

Winner this round: PLOL

By holding off I believe he positioned himself for a better draft in the next 2 rounds.

Loser this round: Machine/Pikachar

Clearly this is a huge tie. Cody in the 1st round? Pikachar taking 2 in the 1st round? Who made the biggest error? Guess we’ll find out by round 10 right?
Now points would dictate the next few round right? You’d believe so but you would be mistaken! The point totals are now Av8tion at 120, Steve R. at 129, Machine at 164, PLOL at 200, Hotshott at 132, and Pikachar at 129

2nd Round:
Av8tion nominated Michael Mizrachi, he got him for 43
Steve R. nominated Vanessa Selbst, she went for 47 to Machine
Machine nominated Benny Spindler, he went for 20 to Av8tion
PLOL nominated Antonio Esfandari, he got him for 45
Hotshott nominated Dan Smith, he got him for 20
Pikachar nominated Mike Matusow, he went for 21 to Av8tion

So Av8tion decided to fill his team to 4 picks, with 3 picks in this round. What futures does that hold for himself and the rest of this draft? PLOL got his 1st pick, also Steve R. and I decided to sit this round out, and see what dust settles taking 0 picks each. Talk about crazy, I never expected this, but it made the rest of this draft a breeze in my opinion!

Winner this round: Av8tion
Grabbing Mizrachi and Matusow was a brilliant move this round

Loser this round: Av8tion
Grabbing Mizrachi, Spindler, and Matusow cost him 84 more points, now 164 points spent!

The points tally is now Av8tion at 36, Steve R. at 129, Machine at 117, PLOL at 155, Hotshott at 112, and Pikachar at 129

3rd Round:
Av8tion nominated David Baker "bakes", he went for 15 to Steve R.
Steve R. nominated Eugene Katchalov, he went for 50 to PLOL
Machine nominated Jeff Lisandro, he got him for 12
PLOL nominated Elky, he went for 34 to Hotshott
Hotshott nominated Viktor Blom, he went for 14 to PLOL
Pikachar nominated Konstantin Puckhov, he got him for 10

With Av8tion crippled at 36 points, pretty much everyone is drooling over his picks hoping he don’t put a lame duck out there as the #1 pick in any round. PLOL is the king of the ring, and can snap anyone off that he wanted, he did with Katchalov. This round basically looks like a typical 5th or 6th round with the auctions, since everyone has mellowed out, or have they? Katchalov and Elky was the stir of this round, everything else wasn’t as charged up as the past two rounds.

Winner this round: PLOL
Getting Blom and Katchalov was a brilliant move, then nominating Elky to draw out points on others was equally brilliant

Loser this round: Pikachar
I could have pushed Konstantin to round 5-8, but I knew I'd get him with no issues.

The points tally is now Av8tion at 36, Steve R. at 114, Machine at 105, PLOL at 91, Hotshott at 78, and Pikachar at 119.

4th Round:
Av8tion nominated Tom Dwan, he went for 11 to PLOL
Steve R. nominated Steve O'Dwyer, he got him for 10
Machine nominated Duhammel, he got him for 18
PLOL nominated Frankenburger, he got him for 17
Hotshott nominated Nick Schulman, he went for 10 to Machine
Pikachar nominated Jeff Madson, he got him for 7

Typical Mid draft round if you ask me. Solid value round, expected to see this in the next round to be honest, but it never hurts to get an extra value round, and keep a point lead if you ask me. Av8tion put a solid pick out there, and Dwan went cheap, and so set the trend of this round. Madson was kind of a wait-what pick, but hey if I can pull a 5th-7th round pick up and maintain a points lead, why not?
Winner: PLOL
Great 4th round for him, picking up Dwan and Frankenburger.

Loser: Pikachar
You could say picking up Jeff Madson was redarded, but the strategy was bound to come out sooner or later.

The points tally is now Av8tion at 36, Steve R. at 104, Machine at 77, PLOL at 63, Hotshott at 78, and Pikachar at 112.

5th Round:
Av8tion nominated John Juanda, he went for 16 to Steve R.
Steve R. nominated Ole Schemion, he got him for 1
Machine nominated Scott Seiver, he got him for 24
PLOL nominated Sam Trickett, he went for 31 to Pikachar
Hotshott nominated Issac Haxson, he went for 12 to PLOL
Pikachar nominated Barry Greinstein, he got him for 15

With Pikachar at the points helm, guess what he’s bound to get antsy and pull some extras when he wants them, he did that this round with Trickett and Greinstein. The bidding wars came back with Av8tion’s pick of Juanda, maybe that was his game plan? He got Steve and Pikachar in bidding wars this entire round. Pika blew 44 points, Steve only 17, so who really won this round?

Winner: Pikachar/Steve R.

Both were in great position to make stellar moves on players they wanted. They both did, Pikachar paid more, but both got exactly what they wanted.

Loser: Av8tion
Without points he missed out on value in this round, but made up for on making a bidding war.

The points tally is now Av8tion at 36, Steve R. at 87, Machine at 53, PLOL at 51, Hotshott at 78, and Pikachar at 68.

6th round:
Av8tion nominated Dan Shak, he got him for 6
Steve R. nominated Xuan Liu, he got him for 11
Machine nominated Bryn Kenny, he went for 18 to Hotshott
PLOL nominated Johnny Lodden, he got him for 9
Hotshott nominated Bonomo, he went for 9 to Machine
Pikachar nominated Doc Sands, he got him for 12

Minus Machine and Hotshott buying each other’s picks, everyone got who they put up there. Steve R. could have reached out and picked anyone, so I’m sure some of us held out on our last picks till the end. There was no clear winner/loser in this round in my opinion. The points tally is now Av8tion at 30, Steve R. at 76, Machine at 44, PLOL at 42, Hotshott at 60, and Pikachar at 56.

7th round:
Av8tion nominated Brian Hastings, he went for 6 to Pikachar
Steve R. nominated Shawn Deeb, he got him for 50
Machine nominated Paul Volpe, he went for 16 to Av8tion
PLOL nominated Bryan Devonshire, he went for 3 to Av8tion
Hotshott nominated Brock Parker, he went for 3 to Machine
Pikachar nominated Brian Rast, he got him for 5

One clear winner here, Av8tion, and it’s about time. Steve R. flexed his muscle, locking a draft pick late in this round. Honestly I got a player dumped on me by bidding him up, but hey that’s auction drafting.

Winner: Av8tion
Devo and Volpe were great additions to his roster.

Loser: Pikachar
Lost 6 points on a pick he didn’t clearly want.

The points tally is now Av8tion at 11, Steve R. at 26, Machine at 41, PLOL at 42, Hotshott at 60, and Pikachar at 45.

8th round:
Av8tion nominated Daniel Alaei, he went for 8 to Steve R.
Steve R. nominated Brock Parker, he went for 30 to Hotshott
Machine nominated Andrew Lichtenberger, he went for 45 to Pikachar (Draft Complete)
PLOL nominated Ryan Lapante, he got him for 3
Hotshott nominated Soriel Mizzi, he got him for 5

Once again, Pikachar finishes the draft 2 rounds before the end, causing supplemental picks. This was due to a bidding war on Brock Parker. The points tally is now Av8tion at 11, Steve R. at 18, Machine at 41, PLOL at 39, Hotshott at 30, and Pikachar done.

9th round:
Av8tion nominated Joseph Cheong, he went for 9 to Machine
Steve R. nominated Mike Watson, he went for 32 to Machine (Draft Complete)
PLOL nominated Greg Merson, he got him for 10
Hotshott nominated Monnette, he went for 29 to PLOL (Draft Complete)

Two other guys got bored with me, and I knew this would happen in the latter rounds. With 3 teams done, and 3 to go, who was going to win the coveted supplemental picks to fill a 10 man roster? The points tally is now Av8tion at 11, Steve R. at 18, Hotshott at 30, with Pikachar, Machine, and PLOL done.

10th round:
Av8tion nominated Shawn Buchanan, he went for 7 to Hotshott.
Steve R. nominated Brock Parker, he got him for 1
Hotshott nominated George Lind, he got him for 1

Now Hotshott runs this game, whoever he sees on the board or whoever he picks is his no matter what. The points tally is now Av8tion at 11, Steve R. at 17, Hotshott at 22, with Pikachar, Machine, and PLOL done.

Supplemental round(s):
(RD 11-1)Av8tion nominated Jeremy Ausmis, he got him for 1
(RD11-2)Steve R. nominated Cal Anderson, he got him for 17 (Draft Complete)
(RD11-3)Hotshott nominated Dan Kelly, he got him for 1
(RD12-1)Hotshott (by trade) nominated Chris Moorman, he got him for 11 (Draft Complete)
(RD12-2)Av8tion (by trade) picked Matt Glantz
(RD13-1)Av8tion picked Johnathan Little (Draft Complete)

Round 12 was fun, Hotshott just basically laid out the law and said I’m getting Chris Moorman, so let me go first, Av8tion agreed, so he had 2 picks that had no bids! In Round 11, Steve basically asked Hotshott do you want Cal Anderson, he opened at 17. Actually the last 4 rounds were super easy for auction.

Now we wait for Joe's Picks...

Updated May 26th, 2013 at 10:44 PM by pikachar

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