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USA Grind

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USA Update

Since busting the main I've just been relaxing in Milwaukee again. While here my BF and I are doing family stuff (like have a wedding to go to and some other things) and as we don't have very high expenses here we are also trying to save up enough money so we can get our own place in Vegas and furnish it nicely (planning on moving there semi-permanently, done with hopping around for PS). We are likely moving to vegas by october or so either way though.

To make money I've been getting in loads of coaching hours and am grinding the us facing sites for ImaWhale Staking. The online grind is off to a rocky start so far for me (down about 4k on there) but I'm finding the sites to be incredibly soft yet. I didn't really expect to find myself grinding in the usa so soon, and online for that matter, but as the deal I'm given allows me to run a decent ABI and gives me access to quick cash-outs (access money as quick as a week), so it seemed like a good decision to make.

Eric and Shane (the owners) are good guys and incredibly easy to work with. The deal they offer is very low variance (300 game sets with disappearing make-up), so if you are in the USA and would like a low variance, risk free deal, with fast cashouts, check out their site and apply below. (make sure you put me down as the reference )


I've also been doing coaching for them, so you could even snag some coaching with me if you are lucky. ^.^

The site's I've been playing on for them are: Merge (skin on there called PokerHost), Revolution (skin on there called Intertops) and Winning Poker Netowrk (Skin on there called True Poker).

Merge by far seems to have the best software, most volume, and biggest games, but is also the most reg filled. WPN has the worst software and least volume, but they have some great value games daily and Sunday, and the site is the softest. Rev has pretty bad software, their volume and guarantees keep getting worse, but the site is softer than Merge.

Honestly I personally wouldn't trust my own funds on any of these sites, so if you were considering joining one for fast cash-outs, definitely only have money you are 100% fine with losing or get a backing deal like myself.

Overall I'm very happy with how things have been going, glad to see the sites are soft and having have fast cash-outs yet is very nice. I am also really excited for some things I have coming up in the future possibly (will discuss them when able to). The coaching I'm doing is paying for all my bills and expenses, so not having to worry about finances has been really nice, hopefully now I can hold on some 200$ FT's (have made 2 so far!) and make some real money!

I also just released my first coaching video in awhile on www.FloatTheTurn.com, where I reviewed my recent play in the SCOOP Main event. It was part 1 of a multi-part series, worth checking out if you are a member (worth joining for if you aren't one)! I'll be releasing the next few parts over the next month or so. I'll be stepping up my coaching game a lot while I'm here, and also get to more blog posting and other writing as I get more settled down here (things will likely be fairly hectic for me until after moving to vegas).

Will definitely start updating this a lot more often now that I have a bit more free time on my hands. ^.^

Thank you all for reading and best of luck at the tables!

(as SS sees it, off by a bit, numbers rounded)

Games Played: 297
Avg Buy-in: $36
Avg Profit: -$12
Return On Investment: -33%
Profit: -$3,600



  1. Warren's Avatar
    Weren't you doing very well playing online in Canada? Why move to Vegas? And now that you're in Vegas, why are you not playing on the legit online sites there?
  2. Hockey Guy's Avatar
    I suspect you won't see many woman endorsing a site called imawhale.com.
  3. Protential's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Warren
    Weren't you doing very well playing online in Canada? Why move to Vegas? And now that you're in Vegas, why are you not playing on the legit online sites there?
    I did fairly well grinding online in Canada. I did well enough to pay for all my expenses there, as well as have enough for 2 vacations, my Europe stuff, pay for my summer package and expenses and still have money left over afterwards. The issue is toronto is mega expensive and I cant live there full time, also the cost just outweighs the benefits of being able to play on ps.

    I'm not in vegas now, I'm in wisconsin. When im in vegas I'll play on the legit sites there and on merge as well likely.
  4. Warren's Avatar
    Wow, if u paid for all that w/money left over then it seems that the cost of living in Toronto is worth it.
    But the cost of living in Vegas is low &u will get plenty of live & legal online action. Any special reason u will stay w/Merge once ur in Vegas?