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Not running great the first week:(

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So yeah,I played the MTT's a week ago,lost pretty much everything I played including the Sunday Million which I qualified for.I really think I should have just unregged and shipped the tournament dollars but I figured I might as well take one crack at it.Busted that in a propably avoidable situation.I had around 14K at 150/300/25 blinds,minraised JJ in middle position to 600,sb flatted with around the same stack,then the big blind who had me covered around 20K 3bet to 1800.I don't remember if he was really aggressive but I decided to call which I'm not sure is great.At the time I thought if I 4bet shove he's only gonna call with QQ+ and AK which is bad for me,and folding seemed very tight but if that's his range then folding is fine.If his range contains weaker value hands and bluffs then it's a slamdonk shove.Anyway I call the 3bet and sb folds.Flop comes raggy like 962r or something and he bets pot.Right away I was thinking he's propably trying to protect a hand that has me beat.However I wasn't able to make a herofold so I shipped it in and ran into QQ,sigh...Didn't do too well at the 18 mans either,haven't played as much as I was planning.Maybe once school starts and I get some normal daily rutine back in my life I'll be able to put in sessions consistently but for now it seems unlikely:/Some good news though as well.Decided to also put 100 on Titan Poker a couple days ago as a side project.It's a really soft site and if I don't feel like playing on Pokerstars I can just play there.I actually played some sit&go's there and somehow managed to win 4 out of 5 which was nice.Then played some 10c/20c Speed Holdem(Titan's version of Rush or Zoom)And lost a buy in but still I'm at 160 which is a nice start.I think I can build a bankroll there really quickly if I put in some sessions so I'll try my best.In the mean time I'll try to get some sleep.Gl at the tables
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  1. Xopods's Avatar
    Players in the Sunday Million are really polarized between the sharks who will 3-bet you very light if they think you're opening loose and the fish who are really only 3-betting premiums. It's so important to look everyone at your table up on OPR or wherever and color code them based on their winning stats.