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Cory Wilkins

Lots of music and returning to playing on line.

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Hey everyone!

Its been a busy couple of weeks, despite how many posts I've been able to make on PFO. First I'll talk a little music because I'm sure around here, music is far more unique and interesting than more poker stories.

I play in a band that does all modern country covers here in San Diego, so basically the country music that sounds like classic rock with a touch of twang. We're covering Brantly Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bently, all that good stuff. Its a hell of a lot of fun to play and we're really the only band in San Diego that really focuses on that type of music. We've got 2 dozen country bands around, but most of them feel like music stopped after Brooks and Dun's first album dropped and if you ask for something modern they might play you Friends In Low Places. We've really struggled finding our specific vision for the last couple of years until early this year when I approached the band about really focusing on the newer stuff. They fought a little on it, but I asserted myself, AKA threatened to quit if they didn't do what I wanted and we went from one or two gigs a month that paid very little to one to four gigs a week that pay a little better. We're not getting rich or anything, but it feels good to go out and do at least a little better than break even.

If any of you have kids who you feel might consider trying their luck in the music business, let me know. They can follow me around for a week, carry over a thousand pounds of gear in and out of every show, play for 4 hours with 2 breaks of 15 minutes or less a few times a week, attend 3 or 4 rehearsals a week in a non-air conditioned garage and be lucky to clear a couple hundred bucks for all that. They'll be looking for a real job after the first day. lol

Anyway, this past weekend we got a lucky break to play the only real honky tonk here in San Diego, a place called the Renegade. Its very difficult to get in there, but we've been working hard, the owner has been looking for a band that plays the current stuff and one of their bands had to cancil, so lucky us, we got the call.

We set up Thursday afternoon and evening, getting a good soundcheck and everything sounded great. Then on Friday and Saturday, we kept the dance floor packed from 9:00 to 2:00 and it looks like we'll be hired back in regular rotation there starting in January. I'm really proud of my guys, we went from a band that lacked focus and was struggling to find bad work to a band that is very tight and busy as hell in less than a year. You can read a review of our show at our facebook page. We are Steelehorse Country on facebook.

Now to poker... I was able to make a deposit on lockpoker and have been having a blast playing a bit on there. I totally forgot how much faster it is on line! I have no clue how I spent 8 hours grinding in a live casino to get the same number of hands that I get in 1 and 1/2 hours on line. My girlfriend Kathi and I used to be able to have a communication system worked out for me to 10 table, with her pushing the buttons. I was 10 tabling LHE anyway, then when FTP introduced rush, I didn't need to do that any more, then of course I didn't play on line for a year and a half.

They don't have enough LHE games on lock, so 2 tabling is the most I can do on a good day anyway and the limit games play crazy on there! I'm so used to the passive live guys. I saw a guy last night cap with 95O and cap the flop unimproved and hit back door trip 5s. I wasn't in the hand, so no bad beat story there, but it was just crazy!

Unfortunately I'm running a touch saulty I can't get my AA and KK to hold up... pretty much ever and I'm not flopping sets and I'm not hitting big combo draws. Last night I flopped btm pair with an over, a straight draw and flush draw. Brick brick... rigged. lol

I have been running good in SNGS. I don't really know how to play them, but I've been doing some reading and I know the basics, just a little unclear on open shuvving ranges around 7 or 8BBS, reshuvving ranges around 20BBS and what range I can call a shuv with stack and position depending, but I try to stick with what makes sense and feels right, but I feel like I'm less than confident, but I'm running great!

I've cashed in 2/3 of the games I've played with 1/3 of my total games taking first. I'm playing the $4.60+$.40 on lock and I feel like even with my limited knowledge, I have a huge edge. A lot of guys are making just bad poker plays, HU with 3BBS and folding when I shuv the btn. People with 6 or 7BBS limp folding with 3 players left, stuff like that. With the amount of resources available and how common knowledge it is not to do a lot of open limping, or limping really at all in these bad boys, I can't believe how much I still see.

So I'm still trying to find where I'll make the most money and re-adjusting to on line. It feels so much different than live, its almost a completely different game.

That's what's been going on with me. Hope you're all running great!
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