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The Pikachar Files, episode 3

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It's been a while, but yet again... It's a chapter that needs to be covered, and in depth. That would be my two main theorems in poker. One being, "Dodge the hand grenade," the other being, "Suck, Re suck, 3-Sucked."

Let's start off on my favorite....

"Suck, Re suck, 3-Sucked"

In internet poker this is not the exception, it almost 103.5% of the time is the norm. Especially in Lower Limits ($1K and below). You can play AA on a AK2 board and lose to that 53 since it was soooted. Don't believe me, check my current OSS 2 lament. This week I've had soul reads on idiots calling shoves with Kx, Qx, Jx, and they Suck out on me, then I re suck on the turn.... the River is the ultimate 3-sucked either by a set, 2pr, x full of j's, and once quads. So what does that mean? On to the next one unfortunately. I'm starting to believe that a vast majority of these idiots don't know how to play, and this OSS 2 is just a string of bad luck. Good thing, I've got to be one of the top PLO players on the OSS 2 (2 FT's from 4 PLO tournaments so far). So rest assured, I'm not getting that re suck factor in PLO. Maybe it's the fact of what I'm doing is 100% consistent in PLO. I'm going to revamp, and restart in event 27 (NLHE) and change everything I'm doing, since It hasn't worked in any tournament so far to date. This leads me to the next theory.

"Dodge the hand grenade"

Everyone has to eventually face this question, I have 30 BB, he has 20 BB, do I really like my hand on this river? You know if he shoves he goes to 40+ BB, and you wrote your death warrant. This principle is a lost art since over-playing or even under-playing your hands can give you an edge (Overplaying with a great starting hand = paid off, Underplaying, with a bluff = paid off... depending on VPIP/PFR's). I mean I'd never toss KK on a KKJ5A rainbow board, but would you hold AA on a AJ98 board with a straight/flush combo? This is ultimate add on for the suck, re suck, 3-suck theory I have going. I just don't know.

It seems like these 2 things are the cause of me demise so far. Just like any other good poker player I've adapted to this predicament.

This weekend's goal $10K in OSS 2

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