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Rolled, it can happen to anyone

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Dear PFO,

I usually don't go complaining about the past, results oriented (haha, remember the OSS 2??). Let's discuss the full in's and out's of my version of what happened...

So who remembers the split between Todd and Bryan during the DonkDown era? I know I do since my first experience of degenerates was right after the inaugural WSOPC at Bossier City. I remember a user named Rollo bringing me in and I was exposed to "Jasep" my first time there.

At first he seemed to be a sorta stand up guy. Then round #1 happened. He paid Micon for an ad, and guess what, Micon called the dude out (ding, ding, ding, should have been my first clue) and called him one of the better fail sites that spawned from NWP. Now realize that Brandon and Todd just left DonkDown so I figured he was a bitter guy. Needless to say I left with Jasep for his old fail site Filthy Limper Poker Radio.

The thing that made me bitter was the one fact that Micon took money for ads, bashed the advertiser, then went on the advertiser's show and bashed him again. Now I can honestly say Micon had this guy pinned as a douche bag, but hey hindsight is 20/20.

Then comes the first BAP. The mutt joint, WSOPC Palm Beach Kennel Club. Him and Tim both played. They both cashed, and they both made money! Great for me, but a user named 4Bet should have been my 2nd clue... The dude slow rolled a lot of stuff. 4Bet called him out.

Fun fact, he slow payed, said he was sick, then I got his bap money and tim's... This was the start of him dodging and being shady.

So post WSOPC, yes he has 2 BAP's, and we'll cover those later, but he reached out and said he got offers to buy FLPR and he didn't want to sell. Something about 51% for $125K, and 40% for $95K, both extremely unrealistic offers. My wife and I laughed at them.

Why do I mention that, because he wanted to buy 20% for $6K, since that's what he needed for FLPR to keep afloat for 6 months and for him to continuing playing (he was almost busto back then). After 3 days of hounding, and me telling him flat out, go get paid... he stopped playing in his 2nd bap (was never confirmed he even started playing, chief complaint... he was sick, again).

So the wife and I agreed, go ahead pay him, but do it slowly. He wasn't a notable player (at the time neither was I), so caution was first and foremost. Why? How could you? Well simple, it was a degen gamble. Did I know he had a ticket to pay, yes. Did I know that he was cash broke, sorta. Did I know he was going to roll a charity, no. All I cared about was the fact that maybe in 2-3 years this gamble would pay off... Guess it didn't.

So what did I learn during the payments??

Wait and see, next blog entry is about the 6 months of e-doggin the shit out of this scumbag.
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