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Thread: thank you river

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    Default thank you river

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t30 (5 handed) Hand History converter Courtesy of PokerZion.com

    saw flop|saw showdown

    UTG (t6905)
    MP (t2410)
    Hero (t3005)
    SB (t1420)
    BB (t1260)

    Preflop: Hero is Button with , .
    1 fold, MP calls t30, Hero raises to t120, 2 folds, MP calls t90.

    Flop: (t285) , , (2 players)
    MP checks, Hero checks.

    Turn: (t285) (2 players)
    MP checks, Hero bets t60, MP raises to t120, Hero raises to t240, MP raises to t360, Hero calls t120.

    River: (t1005) (2 players)
    MP bets t630, Hero raises to t1800, MP raises to t1930, Hero calls t130.

    Final Pot: t4865

    Results in white below:
    MP has 6h 5d (straight, seven high).
    Hero has 3d 3s (full house, threes full of fours).
    Outcome: Hero wins t4865.

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    Nice river

    I know this isn't Hand Analysis but there are a few basic flaws here. Work on your bet sizing and don't check the flop.

    Betting under 1/4 of the pot on the turn doesn't accomplish a lot and gives people a very cheap card on a board with quite a lot of potential draws. River you should have just raised the whole lot, not sure why you left out 130 chips. Take as much as you can!

    Checking the flop isn't terrible but one of the reasons you raise PF with low pp's is to win a huge pot when you hit. In normal circumstances you won't get that huge pot if you don't start building the pot from the flop. Going for a check raise occasionally is fine here but I almost NEVER check this in position without history v the particular opponent.

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    trun play is bad.
    I mean you have such a strong hand here you shouldnt be calling. You should be throwing in as many chips as you can here.

    raise it up up up.
    I get more ass than a toilet seat. All shapes/colors/sizes.


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