How To Post a Hand

The Hand Analysis Forum is the greatest learning tool of the forum for all of the members from the posters to the respondents to the lurkers who become members.

Yes, you post hand histories (HH's) for feedback to improve your own game, but you will improve to little to not at all if you give incomplete information. We are not at the table with you. You have to put us there.

A.) If you're discussing a hand, please make sure to give as much information as possible.

•Table Atmosphere
•Player Types (i.e. loose, tight, passive, aggressive in abbreviated form. If you have no reads up to that point, simply place "NO READS" after your topic.)
•Positions of Significant Players
•Stack sizes of Significant Players

Make it as clear as possible who has what cards and what cards fell when. Everyone hates storytellers that can't tell a story and every hand is a story. Please wait at least 48 hours to post the results of a hand or post them in white. You will receive more effective feedback if the community is not Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

B.) For online hands, please do not post hand histories (HH's) straight from the poker sites themselves. Please use a HH convertor. A few different convertors that work well are:
- Poker Hand History HH Converter | Hand History Converter
- http://www.learnhowtoplaypokerfree.c...okerforums.cgi