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    1) You cannot go pro playing $1/$2 NL. You cannot make enough to live on after the rake.

    2) You can build a bankroll to get to $2/$5.

    3) If you can play $2/$5 and show a profit over several months, and are able to save up 6 months of living expenses (not just rent, but food, car, utilities, clothes, and etc) then you can give it a shot to play professionally.

    The problem is that you gave it a go way too soon. You did not know if you could beat the game long term, you did not have a large enough bankroll to give it a good try, and you did not have the living expenses covered for 6 months in case of a downswing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Little View Post
    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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    Am I doing something wrong? Yes, you are thinking that you won't have downswings bigger than you ever imagined possible.

    Should I be freaking out that my bankroll is almost halfway gone when I'm making the right decisions? Yes your expenses are exceeding your income in poker right now. No matter how good you are if you spend more than you make you will run out of money

    AM I making the right decisions? If you are talking about specific situations at the table... I don't know. You aren't posting enough detail to really evaluate. As a professional you should be able to figure it out. You should take notes on a hand right after you play it if you are unsure about your decisions and write down everything you considered into your decision.

    I never bring more than 3 buy-ins ($600) with me to a session. Is it time I start bringing less? - Why do you think it matters? It is all one long session. Sounds like you are playing money you can't afford to lose. You need to do what ever you can to focus on making the best decisions and not on the money you may or may not lose.

    Do I start buying in for less? Yes if you think it will help you win more money. No if for any other reason. Sometimes you can exploit opponents preflop tendencies with short stacks before you are good at crushing them post flop.

    Am I over-reacting? Try to reduce your living expenses and keep some money aside for savings. Depleting all your savings in poker just means not only will you have that bad beat at the table to think about but now about losing your car if it's financed and getting evicted or foreclosed.
    ​Poker is not about simply playing your cards in a fundamentally sound manner. -Jonathan Little

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    You're spending only 20-30 hours per week at your primary occupation and wondering why your bank account is moving in the wrong direction?
    Quote Originally Posted by pikachar
    Honestly didn t read OP I just got to say xopods is right on the money
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