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    Default Outs check please

    Hero: As Kh
    Villain: Jc Td
    Board: Js 9c 8d 2h

    I'm told there are 6 outs here (not sure if others are discounted).
    What are the out cards please?
    Is it the 3 A and 3 Kings for 4 of a kind? A straight would feed the villain?


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    You have 6 outs to improve, however, you are only improving to one pair. You should be more concerned right now about your outs to premium hands, such as straights and better. Of those you have zero.
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    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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    There are no hands that improve your hand other than A or K. Therefore, there are no discounted outs in this hand. A discounted out is an out that improves your hand, but doesn't help you. For example if you held AQ, then a Q would be an out for you. But you have to discount that out, because the Q would give your opponent a straight.

    Discounted outs requires a lot of guesswork as to what your opponent might have. If you have AQ and you have 3 outs to the Q, you might discount that to 1 or 2 for estimation purposes when making your decisions, to account for your doubt.

    I have no idea what you mean by "4 of a kind".

    In this hand, you don't need any outs at all since you know you are already ahead. When discussing outs, it's usually in the context of being behind and trying to catch up.

    If in this hand you assumed your opponent were ahead of you, you'd have to know what he was ahead of you with. If he has a set or 2 pair, then basically you have no outs.

    You have 6 cards to improve your hand in any case - 3 aces and 3 kings.

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    Ya got runner-runner Q T for a straight
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