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    Default 6max analysis on 148bb 50nl pot

    6max, 50nl, all i Know I think from my HUD settings is Button is a loose caller, and plays a wide range of hands, around 40% of hands or so, and I play around 22%-28% of hands.

    I couldn't pull up the exact hand but I have most of the details.

    I'm in BB, I have AKs, two spades.


    UTG+1 raises 4bb, button calls, I raise 16bb

    UTG+1 calls, button calls, pot is 48bb

    Flop comes 56J with two spades.

    Hero checks
    UTG+1 checks
    Button raises 28bb
    Pot is 76bb

    Hero shoves his remaining 84bb
    UTG+1 folds
    Button calls his remaining 22bb

    Pot is now 148bb

    Was the check-shove a bad move of mine? How should I have played this hand differently if at all?

    Button shows J3s (diamonds), turn is a 2d, river is a 3s, giving Hero ace high flush.
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    No, I like getting it in there. You are a favorite over any one pair hand on the flop.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Little View Post
    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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    two overs and a flush, these are the spots I dream to push (you won't see me with a $150 stack though)
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