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    Default Unorthodox way to play AA, what do u guys think of my play?

    While the results were good, I think I got max value out of the way I played.

    6-max 50nl
    Hero 100bb deep UTG I'm delt AA

    I PFR 3bb
    MP1 folds
    CO 100bb deep calls 3bb
    BTN calls 3bb
    SB folds
    BB 100bb deep raised to 16bb

    At this point in the hand I'm faced with two options, 4bet or flat? I think the standard play here is to 4bet, but at the table I have not really 3bet much into this session since I'd been card dead most of it, so I had no 3bet dynamic, let alone a 4bet dynamic. I also think that since his 3bet was on the large side as opposed to the small side it was ok to flat here, if he 3bet small though I would most definitely have 4bet to reduce the risk of a reverse implied odds situation.

    I thought that if I 4bet it would reveal too much about the strength of my hand and would fold out the worse hands which I wanted to call anyways.

    I flat the 3bet.
    CO calls 16bb
    BTN folds.

    Pot is about 51bb going to flop or $25.00 after the rake. Pot is big enough I can easily get stacks in by turn if I bet here.

    Flop comes 3JQ
    JJ, 33, JQ, QQ beat me not that I'm terribly worried about that, whatever happens happens at this point, usually my main goal with overpairs is to NOT stack off on them when I have a pretty good idea I'm behind. I have 2 blockers to say a K10 drawing for a straight if he was playing that considering I have AA.

    BB checks

    I bet half pot or about 25bb, at this point I have about 40% of my stack in the middle.

    CO calls 25bb flop bet
    BB folds.

    Pot is 101bb.

    Turn is a random 8

    I believe I shoved my remaining stack of 60bb into the middle at this point since I believed we were both pot committed.

    CO calls with his remaining 60bb.

    Pot is now 221bb before rake.

    CO shows AQo, I show AA

    River is a 2, no flushes or straights on the board. I win 221bb pot.

    At the end of the hand CO told me in the chatbox that if I had 4bet with my AA it would have saved him his stack since he definitely would have folded AQo, but since I chose not to 4bet and flatted the 3bet I got him to overplay his TPTK hand and concealed the strength of my hand going to flop.

    Given that the 3bet was rather on the large side, do you think it was too risky the way I played AA, having a multiway 3bet pot with the best PF hand or did I play it correctly? I think a small 3bet it may have been wrong to flat there, but since the 3bet was 16bb, I thought it was reasonable to flat there since it would be easy to get stacks in by turn with what would probably turn out to be the best hand barring a really really bad flop for me.

    What do you guys think?
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