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    Default Looking For A Little Advice

    So I am really seeming to have problems with the hand AA. More often than not I am playing the hand and making big losses off of it, but only winning small pots when I do win. It actually seems like I lose more often than I win with this hand. Anyway, I have two situations that I was able to recall here recently in which I thought I was making the right call, the were both in small stakes tournaments and I would like to get some feedback on them, everything is appreciated, so tank you guys in advanced.
    The first hand is attached images, and the second hand I could not find but clearly remember.
    I was playing a tournament in the small stakes as usual, I had a fairy good read on a rather looser opponent who was playing like a bit of a maniac, with his outrageous bet sizing and constant hand play. Anyway, on preflop he was reraising any hands that he felt he had any decent equity on. So I'm in position on him and raise my AA to 90 preflop like I typically do with most hands In position, this is about 3x bb at the moment and I already have him covered by about 700 chips. He re raises me to 300 and my first thought is that this is a great time to get him all in, so I shove preflop, I hate to do this but couldn't pass up the opportunity, he calls and shows up with JTo, I figure I have him beat and what do you know, flop comes 8kq, turn J, river A. Straight draw, this type of situation has beat me with other numerous high equity hands in which the player called with something I thought wasn't a good call, but It worked out for them and not me, should I continue making these types of call and eventually it will even out, are these calls I just shouldn't make in tournaments, what is my solution. Same question applies for the 1st hand.
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