I play a hand in a cash game at my local bar and I need some insights.

I consider myself a good, but not great poker player with a sound game.

We were 7 at the table (the game as just started). Every one was having good time and we all know each other. I can tell you that all my 6 opponents were a mixte of LAG and LP players, who don't know how to bet properly.

I was on the BB. The guy on my left was a little on tilt after a run of bad luck AND bad bluffs. He push all-in blind with 7BB. Everyone else had 80-125BB on their stack. UTG+1 folded then every one call to me. I looked at my card and see AsJh.

I thinked a little and finaly chose to call instead of reshoving to 80BB. The flop came 5-2-J rainbow. SB check, I bet 10BB. The 2 next players folded then the button raise to 30BB. SB folded.

I know my villain quite well because we play 2-3 times per week. He his a bad LAG player who think top pair with marginal kicker is nut. I push all-in my last 62BB and he quickly call showing 2 deuces. The board run brick,brick and I had to push all my money into vilain's stack.

I would like to have some advices or tought on this hand please.

I also apologize if I made some mistake, english is not my first language. I will also take tips on this topic too

Thank you in advence for your help