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    Default I'm genuinely starting to hate poker

    I have been stuck in 25nl for 2 years. I have spent a few $1000 on poker coaches, software, books. I even bought the insta-poker coach app for Droid and did several hand packs.

    I probably don't work as hard on my game as the professionals do, but the game is so incredibly frustrating for me. It makes me extremely upset, that my opponents can make massive fuck ups PF and Flop, and get rewarded. When I get the money in bad, I rarely suckout in comparison. There is about a 14 buy in difference over 24,000 hands between my winnings and my EV. I basically played for 2 weeks straight just to make a measly fucking $100.

    I make lots of +EV plays, hence why my EV is so high, but it's actually rare that I get rewarded for them.

    They say you shouldn't be results oriented in poker. 2 years later and basically a break even year after investing thousands of hours in poker, reviewing hands and having people sweat me, proves to me and my parents that poker is a total waste of time for me. If I make anything it would be literally pennies on the hour.

    For some people, the game of poker is beatable. I am not one of those people. I also find it extremely frustrating that say a girl like Samantha Abernathy can pick up the game of poker as soon as she's 21 and take down $84,000 in tournament winnings and my results for an entire year of playing poker full time is roughly $0.

    Poker is not a legitimate way to make money for me it appears.

    The game is genuinely boring when you absolutely can not move up in stakes for years at a time, no matter how hard you try. I review leakbuster, I review hands I've been in, I only have 10 genuine leaks (3 of them are related to 4bet bluffing too much which was me over compensating because a previous hand sample said one of my worst leaks was not 4betting enough). I get an A+ rating, just this week I was seriously considering paying $90 for Note Caddy.

    The game has defeated me. I will add poker to my list of failed ventures in life. I don't know what to do now, but I've pretty much lost all hope that I will ever be a winning poker player. All I got left to show after years of grinding is a $2100 bankroll and a bunch of shattered dreams.
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    that is a very scary post considering the aggravation he is going through . Coaches books doing everything right and still losing. Sounds like the story of my life. This basically proves my point that any moron with half a brain can sit at a poker table and literally have their way with the cards as long as they know the basics of ABC poker. That really sucks when someone puts their time and effort into something they are passionate about while out of the blue some amateur has the luck of the draw on their side due to variance

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