Hi everyone,

We are on day two of a local tour of 450 euro buy in.We are half field down since start , far from the money.

We have been transferred to the new table two orbits before.

Blinds 1.5k/3k/400 10 players on the table.

Utg open 6500 ,utg+1 and button call. We are on sb with TT

Stacks and images

Utg 65k hasnt involved in any hand for two orbits
Utg+1 300k(chip leader) tag playing mostly post-flop safely
Button 105k lag player. Good thinking player. Known mostly from cash games with good results.
BB 35k seems not to interested for the hand ready to fold.

Hero stack 108 k. We have involved in 3 hands only for the last two orbits and only one in showdown where we make a correct hero call.

Optimal action??????