Hello Everyone!

This may or may not be a newbie question, but it's surely something that I haven't heard or seen ANY of the 100s of videos out there mention slightly. I've recently started familiarizing myself with a chart for best starting hands, and I also did some more digging as to why those are the strong hands, or why a pocket pair of 2s is basically useless (at least at my level) but one thing that my short run of playing poker has already shown me, is that the value of starting hands changes according to how many people are at the table, and it makes sense too right? if there are 8 to a table then that's 16 hole cards, so it's safe to say you shouldn't get excited over a K in your hand after another K hits the flop 'cuz there's a rather good chance someone else has it too.

On the other hand, if you are playing one on one or three-way, then I've seen time and time again that a K-8 wins the pot, and I also see players (even significantly better than me, ie non-noob players) often call with a hand like J-7 or 9-2 suited, or even unsuited connectors in the 5-8 region. So I wonder if there are charts that kinda re-adjust the value of starting hands for how many players are at the table? No one seems to mention this but it seems so logical to me that, while, say K-9 off-suit may not be the best hand to take on 7 people, one-on-one it's quite likely to win. Basically what are the chances that the other guy also has a K or an Ace ie that the first four cards contain 2 Kings or a K and an Ace? Not very high. So yeah that's my question. Thanks for reading and (possibly) answering in advance.