first time posting on forum

playing in 100000 guarantee day1f late

last 2 levels

i had just came back from felt and was chipped up to 52 bb

villain 1 had about 89bb

villain 2 about 80 bb

villain 1 leads out for 2.6 utg ( he had been opening all night and folding frequently to three bet. thought he was weak player)

villain 2 utg +1 three bets to 5.2 bb ( he was most aggressive at table. three bet often but never folded to four bet. his post flop play though was atrocious. earlier he had 110 bb three bet and basically gave 80% away betting into flop three card flush then 4 card flush on all three streets without a diamond one pair for all three streets. he did show up with big hands often though as seen by his stack regrowth. think he sensed weakness in villain one hands with his numerous three bets.)

i sit on button with ak spades. because i knew he would call any four bet i decided to smppnh and trap it i hit,

blinds and villain one fold

flop akq he leads out for 8 bb pot 13 bb

have blocker for aa and kk really worried about qq (felt he would have done both with 99+ ak aq aj a 10 a9 (shown earlier) maybe kq since my hand was disquised

i raise back to 20 bigs giving him room to go over top. he does i call. he got caught in numerous bluffs earlier. stack was yo yo.

he shows qq

i miss.

i know hand plays same way would you have four bet or pushed pre though.

hand #2

refought day 2 4x cost four x stack 33bb approximately chip average

i four levels i chip up from 100000 to 480000 second in chips

table changed earlier. better players but chips leader with 460000 when i get there seems very weak plus comment made make me think he got it in very light to get to stack.

while i was there he bluffed off numerous times and was down to 294000 he seemed to really overvalue cards.


sm blind 4000 big blind 8000 ante 500

villain on button folded to him, he raises 18000 he raises every orphan button

i wake up in lil blind with ak clubs i reraise 40000

he tanks and reraises 100000

his mannerisms were weak and i knew i had a good read. put him on 88+ 1 9 plus

given stack sizes and length of tourney left i smooth. (he had 194000 behind)

flop a 75

i don't watch cards but watch faces. his face said it all. given that he was super aggressive and loved to bluff i decided to trap. i cked he pushed i snapped. he said your king are good and tabled 99.

(his read was awful as the only hands I smppnh there are AK and AA for trap. i push pre with jj or better.)

9 came on river lost over 70% of stack. (eventually built back up went out 35th for min cash+)

should I have pushed pre or on flop instead of going for value?