I was playing turbo@wpt500/5pm my was table 42/4 on my right is Maria Ho on my left was Brad Garret 3 more pros in that table very tough.One thing I observed with Maria Ho,she is very fine lady.very polite well mannered person.If you win Against her, she will say nice hand.there was a guy on a rail that was asking if he can have a selfie with her,she was losing at the time, she was not bothered and what she did she gets up and have a photo taken by the guys friend.I was playing good poker as well because I don't want to be embarrassed when we're heads up.She was down to 5k when she goes all in with 66 against the guy with more chips than her with A10o flop 7 10 8 t A r 5 she just left smiling.Is it because she just won 3k event, 87k for 4th placed? or just Maria Ho was just a fine woman,that every poker player wants to play with specially men.