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    Question Shove river? Or call?

    Hand: T♠️T♣️
    Stack: $505
    Blinds: $3/$5 ($500 max bet)
    Position: Hijack

    UTG: folds
    UTG+1 ($1000): limps
    folded to us in Hijack with TT. Raise to $25
    button calls, limper calls
    Pot: ~$80

    Flop: 8♥️7♥️7♠️

    +1 checks
    we bet $60
    button folds
    +1 raises to $120
    we call

    turn: T♥️

    +1 checks
    we bet $120
    +1 calls

    River: A❤️

    +1 bets $120

    we have $360 left. Shove or call?

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    Additional info: I think it's a pretty clear shove. In this case +1 had K♥️9♣️. So the next question: Would/should this player call the river shove? If so, why?

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    Yes and yes. He has a monster hand, even on a paired board, he is pot committed to look you up.

    And besides, even if he is not strong enough to call, that does not mean you don't try.
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    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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