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    Question Wynn $550 Summer Classic - Was I Wrong to Do This?

    Was in Vegas for a few days last week and ended up there during a day they held a 1-day $550 Wynn Summer Classic tourney. Wanted to hit a tournament while I was in town and bought in.

    Ran good early in the tournament and had a pretty solid TAG image going into the middle levels of the tournament. In one specific hand, I got chewed out by a local tournament pro and wondered if I really need to check myself here or if the guy was just pissed from the hand.

    Hero on the button and chip stack around 165k (tournament starting stack was 15k and I am probably the chip lead at my table, if not then 2nd).

    Villain is the local "poker tournament pro" (he called himself that multiple times, and "tournament specialist" which I've never seen anyone do and be so adamant about). He had about 90k chips at the time this happened. Villain in MP.

    Level 13 right after dinner break: 300/1000/2000


    Pre-flop action folds around to villain in MP who raises to 4400. Folds to hero who calls. Heads-up action to the flop. Pot: 14500


    Villain bets 5800, hero calls. Pot: 26100


    Villain bets 11200, hero raises to 35100, V tanks and starts talking a lot, about how he's a tournament specialist and I need to 'check my lines' if I only have a draw here. MP shoves all in, and hero calls.

    V shows

    River: gives hero the flush and the pot.

    As villain collects his stuff and stands up to leave, he is still going off about how I should have never raised on the turn with the draws and how I should have respected his bet, and then goes off about how you don't need skill to play this game just a lot of luck...

    After he left, I asked a few others at the table what they thought, the only responses I got back were very general, like "well you got the chips and he doesn't" which didn't really address my question - that's why I am hoping maybe you can help... Did I play this hand wrong and deserve an ass chewing or does this pro need to get over it and get some thick skin if he's going to profess to be the tournament specialist?


    Edit: Would also add, if it matters, that V / tournament pro guy was also a fairly well-known pro who I've never seen act like that when I've seen him play other tournaments and on TV.
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    I am not the person to be replying here but I need to learn so apologies for hijacking your post.

    If I thought he had a Q or a 9 I am not cr the turn as he is not folding tp or trips. You have 15 outs with 1 card to come, therefore only 30% favorite to hit on the river & with the board already paired he still has a small number of outs to hit a fullhouse, if he had tp. As played your odds to call his turn shove are approx 30% therefore you have the price to call.

    If he was aggressive and I thought he had a draw himself (unlikely with your cards acting as blockers) or a mid pair hand that we have good equity against but lose to at sd, then I would go for the cr to get him to fold.

    If I had this draw (flush and the flush straight ) on the flop then I would cr for value.

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    I don't think you made an optimal play, but I wouldn't beat myself up worrying about if you did something "wrong".

    Poker is supposed to be fun. We are not all "pro's" or on the same level as the pro's so don't beat yourself up over it. Learn and improve. It really bugs me when people degrade or berate others over plays that they would not deem optimal. I saw it time and time again in this tournament I played in this last weekend. It was only a $125 buy in with a $200k guarantee. It brought out a LOT of first time players and others seeking entertainment. It was a SUPER soft field and it was awesome. It also brought out a few regs who probably made some of those players never want to play again. I saw several instances where people ridiculed play to the point of it being sad. Which is a shame because I love to see this game grow and attract newbies.

    As far as the hand goes...If you look at your play through your opponents eyes your raise on the turn looks pretty much exactly what it is - a draw of some kind or even complete air.

    Would you raise here with Qx? Probably not.

    You probably would have raised pre with AA or KK unless you have shown that you flat with those earlier and he has AQ so the only hand that really beats him is some 9 or pocket 4's. And you really do not have many - if any - combo's of 9's in your range.

    After your raise the chips are going in as you are pretty much committed to the hand.

    I agree with everything samj said as far as how I would of attacked it.
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