Hi Guys,

I'm trying to take my Poker to the next level, I Mainly play low buy in MTT's $2-$10 on a small site which allows no HUD's tracking software ect, not that I actually have them but the next level includes the purchase of such products.

The leak I have is calling All ins late on with the top of my range AA etc AK-JJ or AQ if the read is good enough, I'll always call with AA and KK, However if I'm 50BB deep is AK a leak regardless of a read I don't mind losing a flip for half my stack think it's standard play but, I think the leak is calling for stacks who can take me out in an attempt to actually get first.
I'm talking late in a tourney say last 15, bubble or FT when i'm in say the top three chipleaders.
I'd say my reads are good which normally leads me to making the call I've wrote down say the last 20 MTT points where I've been knocked out due to ALL-IN, pre flop and checked the % And I'm calling with the right hands %wise.

I think my question is what will educate me to the point where I can actually fold AK or QQ to pushes and when it's correct to do so.

I have two examples bit simplistic from last night, but I'll learn to get more technical,

Me, UTG Akoff Raise 6K Blinds 2.4k 1.2k 240Ante Me 57k Stack after raising.

I'm Second in chips 7 left on FT with 3 15K- Stacks I know he's not the greatest player he Show's 77 and I miss, and cash for a crappy $25.

Second example-even simpler last 9
Chip leader keeps pushing I've 70+BB in 3rd Place he's busted two out with poor holdings, Pushes again I call AQ he shows Q9off hits his 9.

I know if I've of folded these two hands probably would of won a lot more $$ and its a common situation in my game I do really well and then it comes down to a similar situation so can someone please educate me.

Thanks in Advance